About Author

As a British Sikh, R K Chopra was born and raised in the United Kingdom, although her father is from India and her mother from Africa. She loves spending time in nature and relaxing with her husband and family.

She has many beautiful nephews and nieces and it is the youngest of her nephews who inspired her first book. As her nephew was coming of age to begin growing his own kesh (Punjabi for hair), she saw a need for books that helped explain this new journey. As an indie author, her first publication, Where is Daddy's Crown, serves as an educational and simple introduction to the Sikh faith.

She hopes this book fosters multicultural acceptance and inspires readers to be proud of their own cultures and religions, whatever their faith or belief!

About the Book

Karam wakes up excited for his trip to town with Daddy! There is just one problem – Dad can’t find his treasured crown. Can you help them find it?

The story follows the relationship between a father and his son, providing an introduction to their Sikh faith. A simple, cultural rhyming book which helps children understand why Sikhs wear turbans. The book includes vivid illustrations to capture emotions all children can relate to. An educational and early introduction for any child or parent wanting to learn more about the Sikh religion.

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